Screen Recording Tools

image001There are two tools that I have come across many times, and thought I should mention them again. The first is a small paint program called Paint dot Net here is the link for the download; Paint dot Net Paint.Net in a nutshell is like Microsoft Paint and Photoshop put together. It may not have as many options as Photoshop but it’s free and easy to use. I have made a tutorial on how to use the paint bucket feature which you can watch here; Youtube

The next program is Microsoft Expression Encoder 4, here is the link for the download; Expression Encoder 4

E4-02Now Microsoft Expression Recorder is similar to Jing and a few other screen capture programs, in that it can record your screen. What I like about Expression 4 is the fact that I can record for 10 minutes and encode the video to a .WMV file that can be uploaded to YouTube immediately.

Something else I like about Expression 4 is that I can import graphics that have a transparent background into it, placing it above my video! While I can resize the graphic, and move it around, I cannot rotate it. So if you need to use arrows, you’ll need to make sure you can point them in all directions.

But hey you can use Paint.Net for that!!

I can also do basic cuts only editing, and if I want to get super fancy I can simply drag the video into Windows Movie Maker for more editing choices.

Like I said, it’s all about options!

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DIY Video Transcription

Mr techieCaptioning your own classroom videos, recently I was asked to help transcribe a short 45 minute video. Ok I have some high powered tools, I can just blow through this thing. So I fired up Adobe Audition so I could listen to the audio, I also fired up MS Word so I could type it out. Well I am ok at typing, but I found out quickly that I could not keep up with the person speaking. I could only type up to four words and then I had to move the mouse to audition, stop, and rewind, hit play and try to pick up where I left off.

It took me three days to type out 4 minutes of the lecture (off on and between other things I had to do). Enter George (Tony) Brucks, and mentions that he was going to look for some free software that could do exactly what I was trying to do! So right after speaking with him. I looked for some software that would do exactly that. Literally moments later, I found a nice piece of software called “Express Scribe” That did exactly what I was looking for, and it’s free!! Go to the website and check it out, download the free version, it took me 15 minutes to watch a video and start using it! Check out this video tutorial explaining how to use it.

After typing everything into Express Scribe, I simply copied and pasted the text into MS Word to spell check it and fine tune it as well. Four minutes = four days without, and 2 – 3 hours with Express Scribe!

Mr techie IMage-Resizer
Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking. I created a short video to show you how it works, this is an extremely useful tool when having to resize a lot of images. You will have to install this program on your computer for it to work the way you see it in the video. If you have any questions please email my assistant Anthony. ~Have Fun!

Here is the link for the application: 

Here is the link for the video tutorial: Image Resizer Video Tutorial


This video tutorial will go through the simple steps of making an email submit button on your Adobe Acrobat form.

Make an Email Submit  Button in your Acrobat Pro Document!

Hey Guys & Gals of RCC,

.PDF is a standard pretty much anywhere you go, and being able to quickly convert your word docs without opening each document in Word is very advantages to us in terms of getting things done quickly. To ensure that this works, you must have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on your machine. Follow the steps below;

1.)    Open a folder where you have a MS Word document that you want to convert

2.)    Select the file or files you want to convert to .PDF

3.)    Right mouse click on your selection of file/s

4.)    Choose Convert to Adobe PDF

Now watch the magic happen!! (click on the thumbnail pictures below to see a larger image)

Single file conversion




Multiple file conversion




Welcome to another Tech Tip!

Well I’ve got a treat for you! It’s the snipping tool, I show you how to work it in this blog entry or you can simply download the SNIPPING TOOL friend or FOE, or you can even watch the Snipping Tool video tutorial with this link.




  1. Go to the START menu located on the lower left of your windows task bar.
  2. Go to your ACCESSORIES FOLDER and navigate to the Snipping Tool


Now that the snipping tool is open up you have three commands up at the top.


  1. NEW


Let’s look at these more closely.



  1. From the New drop down menu we have four more options.
    1. Free-Form Snip allows you the user to draw an irregular shape around your screen to capture that portion. (fig. 1)
    2. Rectangular Snip allows you the user to draw a red rectangle around any area you want to grab, don’t worry, the red rectangle will not be in your screen grab. (fig. 2)
    3. Window Snip allows you to grab the window of an application or web browser. (fig. 3)
    4. Full-screen Snip allows you to grab your entire desk top and everything that is being displayed on it. (fig. 4)


Figure 1 – Free-Form Snip


Here is what it looks like in action

Here is the result – minus the red line


Figure 2 – Rectangular Snip


Here is what it looks like in action

Here is the result – minus the red line


Figure 3 – Rectangular Snip


Notice the red outline and the cross hair

This is the result of a rectangular snip



Figure 4 – Full-screen Snip



Since I have two monitors, when I do a full screen snip it grabs both of my

monitor screens as one big image.


Let’s move over to Options and see what we have there. (fig. 5)


Figure 5




To be honest with you, I typically leave it at its default settings except for my ink color selection. (fig. 6)


Figure 6



One last feature that is just awesome!


Is the send to E-mail Recipient or E-mail Recipient (as attachment) (fig. 7)


Figure 7



When sending to E-mail Recipient, the snipping tool will automatically open up Outlook (if that is your default mail application). After it opens up Outlook the copied image is put directly in to the body of your message. (fig. 8)


Figure 8


I know but how do you type your message above your image?


Simply place your cursor after the image and using your arrow keys, move the cursor to the left and hit enter a couple of times. This will push the image down so you can type above it.


The last option with regards to email is the E-mail Recipient (as attachment) (fig. 9)


This option just attaches the copied image to your email as you would with any other file.



Figure 9



Well I hope you enjoyed this tip and always if you have any questions please email my assistant Anthony (



The cloud is everywhere, the problem is the privacy issues.

Q: How do we protect our personal intellectual content ?
A: Personal Cloud Storage

That’s what many hard drive manufactures are/have been concentrating their efforts on for a while now. When you have the opportunity, click on the image banner above to check out Western Digital’s solution to personal cloud storage.

Click on the button below to read the reviews of the device. Please be aware that some reviews are from 2010, three years ago, so many issues that may have plagued the device are probably not there any more.

NOTE: Please be aware that you should always read the latest reviews of a product before purchasing this or any other computer product.

Screen Capture and Screen Recording what are my options 2013?

We have a couple of options available to us;

Great third party software

Camtasia Studio 8

We are fortunate this year to have, Camtasia Studio 8 in the Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence. Click the image above to check out this great piece of software by TechSmith.

Would you like to try the software yourself? Well you can download the software right to your computer or you can go the the Glen Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence on the 4th floor of the Salvatore G. Rotella Digital Library​ on the Riverside City College campus and try it out for yourself.

TechSmith’s JING

Jing is FREE! click the image above to download and start using!

My Mediasite

Is free as well for RCC faculty, you can read more about this software by clicking on the image below, for more information please email my assistant Anthony (


Windows 7 & the Snipping Tool

This tool resides on your computer if you are running Windows 7. Go to the Start button>Accessories>Snipping Tool

Click on the image above to watch a video tutorial and this very productive tool!!


Welcome back faculty & friends!

I am uploading my PowerPoint Presentation on screen capture & screen recording; The files are .PPTX file (2010 version) as well as a .PPT (97-2003 version) and a Adobe .PDF file for your download pleasure and amusement!

Have a great semester and we’ll see you on campus, email me with your tech question !

Mr. Techie 🙂


HOW TO SCREEN CAPTURE-MAC or PC PowerPoint 2010 version

HOW TO SCREEN CAPTURE-MAC or PC PowerPoint 97-2003 version


Mobile Animoto

One of the things I like about Animoto is the ease of use. Once I sit down at my desk or laptop and upload the pictures it takes just a few minutes to make an animated slideshow. I’m an artist by nature and trade and I do like to customize whatever I’m doing. However, I’m also realistic in terms of how important it is to get my content out right away. That’s why I like Animoto, ease of use and timely.

Animoto is great for almost every type of events, club meetings, rallies, trips, and the list goes on and on. Now they have added smartphone capabilities. Give it a try at your next event, it’s free and I think you’ll love the way it works.

If you are interested in a Animoto workshop…let me know

Check out Animoto’s website.